Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday, June 13, 2011

We arrived. We had a most amazing welcome, being greeted by Sarah, Shani, Chaim Weiss, Libi and Yona Brief - we felt like celebrities. The plane ride was uneventful - each of us got to watch our own movies. We will leave it to you to guess who watched Harry Potter, Just Do It, and Gulliver's Travels.
Chaim kindly negotiated our rendezvous with Mark, the Russian/Israeli landlord, who generously picked us up, crammed us and our luggage into his van and took us to our apartment at 24 Nitza Street in Netanya (in case you want to Google map it). The apartment is great, with beautiful views. 2 small problems - the kitchen may be superficially kosher (there is a par eve sticker on the salt), with one set of silverware and pots and pans. We are eating out! And, no wireless which will make blogging very difficult and may make it impossible for Eitan to deliver his campaign speech via Skype tonight We are sitting on the kikar - enjoying the breeze. 3 of us had pizza and 2 had shwarma. Sima is just not hungry.

Our feelings today have mostly revolved around stress - travel, travel, travel and no kitchen or wireless. And, the ATM stopped working right after giving out the receipt for the money we were supposed to get. Can't read the receipt so we hope we are not debited for the money we never got.

We are trying something new and we are posting pictures on Instagram - you need to follow soberlander to see them.

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Ruth said...

Are you freaking out about the internet? Any ideas yet? Is there wifi at any cafes next door? I can just imagine your arrival...there is nothing like being met at the airport in Israel! You must have felt so special and loved, which you are so you should!!!!! SO HAPPY YOU ARE THERE SAFE AND SOUND..hope you can blog eventually!