Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday, June 12, 2011 - travel day

Things started off as planned - one of the kids' suitcases was overweight at 7:50 am so Sima quickly repacked suitcases. We had a bittersweet goodbye at the airport. While we are all so excited to go to Israel, it was very hard to say goodbye to Yaara and Nava. It is hard to think that this may be the last time all 8 of us would be together for a long time. We know we will see Nava in just over a week and Yaara is going to have a great time at Camp Stone and then we get to see her again for Camp Derech Eretz. Thanks Mom for driving us to the airport - Yaara and Nava just had to shlep luggage.

The flight to Philly was delayed but otherwise uneventful. In Philly, we could not fit into one cab so we found Fahad, who had a Lincoln Town Car for hire. Mike practiced for the shuk and negotiated an only slightly extravagant price for driving the 6 of us to the Liberty Bell and agree to pick us up from dinner and take us back to the airport. We did not have much time, but we saw the Liberty Bell (through a window - no time to stand in lines) and had a quick tour of Independence Hall. Mike got to show off his penchant for knowing stupid trivia about random facts. We saw an excavation of the first President's house - look kids, 200 hundred year old ruins. In Jerusalem, that is downright modern.

We then met Jonathan and Aleck Zimbalist at Mama's Vegetarian Restaurant. We all needed falafel and hummus just to get us in the right frame of mind. Fahad was just on time and we are just waiting to get through the second security clearance. Of course, nothing will be like the 20 minute security check while people pawed through our backpacks at Independence Hall. Kids are anxious to go through security, so signing off from now. Next post will be from Israel!

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