Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday July 15, 2011

The kids are fatigued and want no more museums, historical sites, or walking in the heat. They wouldn't even play the what I'm going to miss about Israel is... game. I think its about time to go home. Two quick things worth mentioning, one mundane and one anything but. First - the boys and I went to pick up Shabbat take-out at a place called Marvad Hamaksimim. They have a few locations, but we went to the not as authentic one in Emek Refaim. This place is known for plentiful, good, and cheap Israeli food. We got lots and lots of chicken nuggets, some beef, some kebab, stuffed artichokes, peppers, and onions for lunch tomorrow, all for 150 shekels. Probably our cheapest meal yet, that barely covers a burger and fries at Black 'n Burger! Maybe the kids won't play the game, but boy I will really miss that about Israel. Second worth note -- we finally went to the tent across from the Prime Minister's House where Gilad Shalit's family is camped out. All over the street in our area of Jerusalem, their are stickers that say "Gilad is alive!" They are on lampposts, fountains, signs, everywhere you look. we have walked by the street where his family is many times, but a felt a bit awkward about going, not sure what to say. This has been a particularly difficult month as Gilad just passed his five year mark in captivity. So we walked over to the area, which is filled with signs, banners, and ribbons attached to the fence on the sidewalk. There is a table outside the tent (it is not really a tent, it looks more like a pre-fab sukkah with hard sides). Volunteers man the table nad collect donation, sell t-shirts, and give out yellow ribbons. When we first got there, the Shalit family was not there so the kids signed the poster, and took some ribbons. Then we went inside the tent, which is set up with chairs around the perimeter and stocked with water and snacks provided by volunteers. Shortly, Gilad's father came back and we did speak to him briefly, we told him that we are thinking on Gilad in St. Louis and shared with him some of things that B'nai Akiva and Epstein have done to recognize and remember Gilad. In the end, we were all glad that we went to visit and show our support.
The girls and I met the Perlman's in town for a bit; they are staying at the Dan Panorama for shabbat and we will hand out with them on Shabbat afternoon. Tonight we are going to Sara and Hyim's friends David and Barbara Messer for dinner. We have not met them, but Sara hooked us up with them and they so kindly invited us sight unseen!

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