Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday July 11, 2011

Guest blogger:
Today we went to the pool. We walked to the pool but at first we couldn't find it and we asked this couple and they told it where it was. It looked like a restaurant when you walked in but then there were these two doors that would lead you to the pool. The pool was really crowded. It had 2 pools outside and one pool under this roof thing. And there was this really boring water slide that you had to push yourself down. The boys went out to get us New Deli for lunch. Then we went home and we ordered Burgers Bar to be delivered. Noah went to Shoham on a bus to go his friend's party. Pools are so much different here because people they kick you and then they don't care. Also the girls had to wear a swimming cap or put their hair in a pony tail.

Editor's note:
We relaxed in the morning and headed to the Jerusalem pool which is in nearby Emek Refaim, and stayed there for 5 hours. A great way to beat the heat. We got back to the apartment and the 3 younger kids relaxed while Noah planned his trip to meet up with the robotics boys from Petach Tikvah. The plans changed about 4 times, but eventually Noah headed to the bus stop. With phone guidance from Sara about which platform to go to, he took a bus to the Central Bus Station and then picked up a bus to Shoham where one of the boy's mom picked him up. He is going to someone's birthday party there tonight, sleeping over, and then going to the beach with the boys tomorrow. A great adventure for him, and he could definitely use some teenager time.

The 3 younger kids had Burger's Bar delivered to the apartment for dinner (can't beat that) and after they were fed, Hili Zimbalist came into town to meet me for a grown up dinner! We went to an amazing Asian/Israeli fusion restaurant called Ryu on Emek Refaim. The food was great, the atmosphere was fun, and the spiked lemonana was delicious. A calm day without suffering in the hear was very pleasant. I am forcing the kids to go to bed early tonight so we can get an early start tomorrow. Though Eitan is planning to wake up at 2:00am to watch the home-run derby...


Ruth Pack-Adler said...

Okay, this is the other Ruth:
Just started following your blog. Have been seeing your pictures on FB all along, but wanted to "hear" about yesterday and meeting the girls. So happy you all got along so well...and please tell Ilana not to worry, we will be happy to share. Mike told the story about Naomi in Machene Yehudah - even more disgusting the second time around! Hope the rest of your trip continues to be as amazing as it has been. Our love to you all, and all current and past St. Louisans in Israel. Travel safe!

Mom said...

Hi Everyone
We are sweltering in NY. There was a heat advisory today
The tours are interesting, the guides learned, the restaurants amazing. But, nothing compares to your glorious experiences. We love hearing about them.
Love, Mom O.