Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sunday July 17, 2011 - Last day

I let the kids sleep in the morning to try to get them started back towards home time, and then we got all packed up. Somehow, we cannot fit into the suitcases we came in and we have had to make a few adjustments. We will be leaving with lots of carry-ons...
When we finally got our act together, we headed out for one last sivuv of some of our favorite shopping spots -- Ben Yehuda, Machane Yehuda, Yoel Solomon Street. We got excellent falafel/schwarma from Moshiko on Ben Yehuda, and as Ilana was eating she looked up at me with a bloody mouth and said "did I lose my tooth?" And she finally did lose it, it has been loose since we arrived, and as it was no where to be found it is either on the street, or more likely, in her belly with her delicious schwarma! We had the great pleasure of bumping into Tova on Jaffa street, so we sat down to chat and have a cool drink with her before we set off for HaSofer, the tallis and tefillin shop, for Noah to do a little shopping. He needed a new tallis/tefillin bag, and he also wanted tefidanit, a more protective case for his tefillin. The store didn't carry them, but a young man standing at the counter said, I have them right here and I want to get rid of them, do you want them? And he sold them to Noah for 50 nis, quite a bargain. Only in Israel! After all of our last minute shopping was done, we took a bus back to the apartment, showered and cleaned up, and went to dinner in Emek Refaim. The kids then went back to the apartment to watch some TV, and I took one last walk over to Yemin Moshe, now one of my favorite places in Jerusalem. I savored every moment of my stroll in the cool evening air, with gorgeous flowers and greenery, picturesque streets, and an amazing view of the city.
The sense of belonging that we feel here that is manifest in so many ways. The kids refused to play the what I will miss and what I will not miss game, but here is my list for us all.

What we will not miss:
Tiny washing machines
Uncomfortable beds
Traffic and crazy drivers
Walking in the heat of the day
Not understanding understand the language
Museums, hikes, and historical sites
Bad tasting water
The family bickering (but will that stop anywhere???)

What we will miss:
Our friends and "family"
Touring wineries and being able to drink the wine
The eating
iced Aroma
Mamilla at night
Chance encounters with our friends from near and far
Not driving
Experiencing Israeli life in so many different communities
The beauty and diversity of the land
Museums, hikes, and historical sites
The freedom and independence that the kids have here
The magic of the entire country shifting for Shabbat, especially in Jerusalem

We have had an incredible gift for the last five weeks; we are so grateful. Our hope is that we can keep the feelings and memories from this trip strong in our minds and in our hearts until, god willing, the next time.


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